Swiss Obstacle Data on GARMIN-GPS

Welcome to this illegal, absolutely unofficial and not-existing site. This site is being built up in order to provide you as a helicopter pilot moving around in Switzerland with reasonable cable data direct in front of you - on your cheap and easy-to-install GARMIN GPS-device.

Currently, the data of

is being collected every two weeks and combined into a singular database.

The maps are known to run on Garmin 496 (with a data card installed like this one) and on the new Garmin 695/696 devices (with a simple SD card installed). I am always very excited to get some feedback from other users!
Use this data on your own risk. There are A LOT OF CABLES which are not listed in ANY database!
Have a look at how cables can be displayed:

To have your set of cables on your device, simply follow these steps:

Setup programs

Disclaimer: it is absolutely prohibited to download or install any of the programs below. :)

Online-Version: look at the cables online in Google maps and see the differences between release dates: Obstacle Explorer

Sorry for not providing any more informations on this platform for the moment, still everything is changing and I am working on an official release. If you have any questions contact me on my mobile @ +41794322608.